III. Philosophy


We don’t know if we, vintners, raise our wines or if our wines are raising us

Cathiard Vineyard is a sanctuary of rest, beauty and harmony.

It is a place of shared experience surrounded by craftsmanship and passion; an escape from time where elegance and authenticity are captured, offering visitors a connection to nature.

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Our wine caves bear thin halo lights amongst total blackness representing a shrine dedicated to life; a philosophical arena.

Its darkness will guide the wine in barrel through to the bottle while preserving freshness, and bring brightness of the great vintages both past and present.

Art de vivre

It is essential to intricately weave different elements together to capture art de vivre in one place. The actions must be meaningful, love of nature must be everywhere, and the vision must be shared through interactive experiences.

This is Cathiard Vineyard.

Art meets nature

In Greek mythology, Ôra or Hora is a group of goddesses representing the change of seasons.

Four sculptures are found at the estate, with the autumn goddess serving as the image and inspiration for Hora by Cathiard Vineyard.

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Cathiard Vineyard