II. Landscapes

Nature's beauty

Wines are the soul of the earth

A great wine, like art, must leave a trace, sometimes indelible, sometimes fleeting… 

It relies on the working hands of men and women but perhaps more so on the terroir from which it is born. 

From the Rutherford terroir stems a silent music, it’s called harmony. One must interpret the sonata with their first tasting.

A vine, like a tree, is the oldest time-measuring tool. In the Mayacamas,the tree becomes a forest; it stands as a natural border, an almost impassable line beyond which lies an inspiring and mysterious world.


Cathiard Vineyard is a place with a special presence

We can even talk of telluric force and undoubtedly a perfect fusion between terroir and human care.

When we see the rows of vines – with each individual plant sculpted like a bonsai – that stretch around the forest on the slopes of the Mayacamas, the words of Michel Serres come to mind, cautioning onlookers who pay little attention:  “Do not cross through the vineyard like a distracted person would cross the sea; you would only see green, just as they would only see blue”.

culture wine napa valley


The best of nature is enhanced by innovation

Only the right combination of tools can capture the true essence of such wines. To elevate this expression, Cathiard Vineyard rebuilt a new winery with new stainless steel, double skin reverse small tanks, and refurbished the long horseshoe cellar in the heart of the mountain. Bringing savoir faire from Bordeaux, there is also an on-site cooperage in development. 

The team is unified in their meticulous nature, driven by the same passion: to express the best of this unique terroir through a dedicated Cabernet Sauvignon, and two Bordeaux Blends.

winemakers napa valley

Ludovic Fradin

Sales Director

Michel Rolland

French consultant

Justine Labbé

General Manager and Head Winemaker

Candice Bernard-Cathiard

Hospitality Manager

Frederick Ammons

American consultant

Fabien Teitgen


Ryan Montgomery

Assistant Winemaker


Cathiard Vineyard